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Shunsuke Fujita, Environment Artist

Why did you join GPTRACK50?

 Although I have only just joined the company, I am surprised that I can recognize the faces of all the members of the company. I also feel good that the director, producer, and all the staff, including  Kobayashi, are concentrating on the creation of a single game.

I have an irreplaceable memory of the sense of accomplishment I felt when I created a PS2 game with a small team of people, and I have high hopes that the experience of creating a game will rewrite that memory.

GPTRACK50 also allows for a combination of in-office and remote work, and although the members are often physically separated from each other, I was surprised to see how they have built a communication relationship that does not feel distant from each other.

How do you feel about working at GPTRACK50?

I’m trying my best to utilize my experience to help with the new IP project, particularly around the character model creation. On the other hand, the company culture here encourages taking on new challenges, so I’m also constantly thinking of implementing new technologies and proposing new workflows, in other words working beyond just character model creation. It’s quite challenging because I have to make many decisions on my own, but it’s a rewarding and fun experience. And I do appreciate this environment where I can quickly implement my own ideas. 

We often have to interact with external teams, and the robust support from our parent company, NetEase Games, enables us to collaborate with world-renowned creators. It’s a very global company where Japanese, English, and Chinese are spoken, and I can say proudly that this culture broadens my vision and improves various skills of mine.

Do you have any messages for those who are thinking of joining GPTRACK50?

I believe that new entertainment creations, not limited to game productions, are created from a situation full of uncertainties and trial and error. However, if you are able to enjoy this situation in a positive way, thinking that your ideas can be utilized in your work and that the results of your trial and error will be reflected in your work, then GPTRACK50 is the perfect place for you.

GPTRACK50 is also a company full of strong people who have produced many game titles. If you are looking to enhance your experience and skills by working with such experienced staff, GPTRACK50 is the perfect place for you.

Let’s create new IP action games together!

About Shunsuke Fujita

In his previous job, he was involved in the development of “SILENT HILL: The Short Message,” “Nioh,” “Dead or Alive 5,” “Zelda Warriors,” and “Metal Gear Solid 4” as an environment artist, and was in charge of team management, including outsourcing, and lead artist.

At GPTRACK50, he is in charge of managing background production as the lead environment artist for the original IP project.