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Shinya Shigeyoshi, Engineer

What are your current roles & responsibilities at GPTRACK50?

I serve as the Lead Engineer for an original IP project. 

I lead the collaboration between our studio’s engineering team and external partners. My job involves not only managing the team but also actively contributing game design ideas, especially for the action component. During the project’s mock-up phase, aside from my managerial work, I also proposed and implemented gameplay features from a player’s perspective.

—How do you feel about working at GPTRACK50?

I feel fortunate to work with a team that is fully committed to our project. Honestly, it’s a lot of fun working with like-minded people. Discussions are incredibly enjoyable, and the game design ideas coming out of these discussions are exciting. 

NetEase Games provides tremendous support for what GPTRACK50 wants to accomplish. I’m amazed that such a supportive environment exists, not just for game development but also in infrastructure. With such great support, even a new studio like us can quickly set up a solid development environment. GPTRACK50 excels where it’s strong, and where we need help, NetEase Games comes in to support us. 

I might as well say I am experiencing the healthiest form of stress in my career so far. I can truly focus on making games, and I really appreciate it.

—Do you have a message for those considering joining GPTRACK50?

Frankly, there are still many areas of our work environment that need improvement. That said,  opportunities to work on brand new IPs with a team that shares your vision—and has the backup to support it—are rare. At our studio, everyone, including engineers, can freely share their opinions on game projects. And as long as the feedback aligns with the game’s concept, everyone listens. As an engineer, you won’t find a more exciting environment than our studio. Let’s make some awesome games together!

About Shinya Shigeyoshi
At his previous job, Shinya Shigeyoshi was involved in the development of “Devil May Cry 4,” the “Sengoku BASARA” series, and “Mega Man 11.” Shinya served as the lead engineer and focused on programming action components, while also assisting with action design. At GPTRACK50, he has been taking on the role of Lead Engineer for an original IP project, leading our engineering team.