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Tsukasa Takenaka, Producer

—What kind of work are you currently doing at GPTRACK50?

When you think of a producer, you might imagine that he or she “lays out a vision for the game to be produced, gives instructions to all the staff, and sometimes says crazy things while leading the game to completion…”, You might imagine something like that. Well, sometimes we do such things, but at here members always saying, “I want to do this!” or “I want to do that!”, and so I am always busy finding the way to make it possible. Specifically, I am the first person they come to consult if they have any problems, such as purchasing equipment, improving the development environment, and if necessary, negotiating with new partners. And I am also managing the entire project.

I always keep my eyes on every detail of the schedule, members, and budget, to complete our great game and deliver it to users around the world, wearing our my nerv―, no I am doing my best!

—What is the development style of GPTRACK50?

The staff of GPTRACK50 is made up entirely of specialists in their respective fields. These specialists lead each section and task, and work with the staff of external partner companies to process development. We do not ask our external partner companies to leave all the work, but rather, GPTRACK50 members always participate in discussions and work as one team. There are various partner companies, but the biggest one is our parent company, NetEase Games, which always support us with broad range of human resources. In addition, there are many partner companies we are working together through the relationship built from past works of GPTRACK50 staffs.

What kind of people do you think are suitable for GPTRACK50?

There are several things, but the first is people who play games a lot. Even in the game business, if you look around a little, you will see people saying, “I used to play a lot in the past, but not anymore…” or “I’m too old to play games anymore…”, but I think that’s not enough, and I’m sure it’s important to keep playing the latest games. All members of the GPTRACK50 play a lot of games.
We play a lot of big titles, of course, but sometimes we even play indie games that you might ask, “How did you find that game?”. And if possible, it is better to play console games.
Second, people with good communication skills. This does not mean that you can get along with anyone, or that you can proactively entertain anyone around you with solid comedy skill, but what is necessary is that you can choose proper method to communicate in your area of expertise to those around you. (At the very least, I want him/her to get along with everyone…) As mentioned above, GPTRACK50 is working together with various partner companies to create games. Since you will be entrusted with a leading position in this process, it is important to have good communication skills in your field of expertise. If you can do that, there is no problem at all even if you are usually silent. Finally, those who can meet the schedule and man-hours… If you can do this, it will save me a lot of pain in my stomach haha.

About Tsukasa Takenaka
In his previous profession, he was involved in the development of “Onimusha 3,” “Mega Man Exe 5,” and “Resident Evil 5” as a game designer, and “Mega Man Exe 5DS Twin Readers” as a director. After becoming a producer, he was in charge of “Resident Evil Revelations”, “Resident Evil 0 HD Remastered”, and “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite”. Later, he was invited by the representative, Kobayashi, to join GPTRACK50.