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Tomohiro Tokoro, Character Artist

Why did you decide to join GPTRACK50?

Throughout my career, I’ve worked on numerous projects of different scales, and have had the opportunity to work in several gaming companies both in Japan and abroad. However, there was something I had not yet experienced and wanted to give a try: to create an exciting new IP as one of the initial members of a startup. And I am here to pursue this dream. 

At previous roles, I was involved in the development of sequels for some massive IPs, which was rewarding and enjoyable in its own way, but in my opinion the need to protect the existing brands would often limit creative freedom. I wanted to create something where I could freely experiment with ideas and create an entirely new world and exciting characters.

How do you feel about your work at GPTRACK50 so far?

I’m trying my best to utilize my experience to help with the new IP project, particularly around the character model creation. On the other hand, the company culture here encourages taking on new challenges, so I’m also constantly thinking of implementing new technologies and proposing new workflows, in other words working beyond just character model creation. It’s quite challenging because I have to make many decisions on my own, but it’s a rewarding and fun experience. And I do appreciate this environment where I can quickly implement my own ideas. 

We often have to interact with external teams, and the robust support from our parent company, NetEase Games, enables us to collaborate with world-renowned creators. It’s a very global company where Japanese, English, and Chinese are spoken, and I can say proudly that this culture broadens my vision and improves various skills of mine.

Do you have any messages for those who are thinking of joining GPTRACK50?

If you’re hesitating, it might be due to the fact that we are like a startup with no track record. I had similar concerns before joining, but they proved to be unwarranted. NetEase Games fully support our ideas and let us focus on creating fun games. The work environment is good for both expressing your opinions and developing your skills. The support we are receiving is so substantial that it doesn’t feel like we’re at a brand-new company at all. We welcome people with a broad range of skills as well as those who excel in a specific area. Let’s create some amazing games together!

About Tomohiro Tokoro
In his previous role, Tomohiro Tokoro was a 3D Character Artist involved in the development of “Final Fantasy 15” and “Forspoken”, responsible for main character modeling, team management, and managing partnership with outsourcing teams. At GPTRACK50, he primarily focuses on everything related to character models, including development preparations, direction, and team management.