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Koji Kakae, Game Designer

What kind of role are you in charge of at GPTRACK50?

I am the lead level designer for a new IP project.
Level design is composed of various elements, and opinions and issues are always gathered from various sources. Therefore, I spend my days exchanging opinions flexibly with each member on a daily basis, repeating verification necessary for the game as needed, and thinking about how to make the game more interesting for the users.
We all work with an awareness of what the “problem” is and how we can “solve” it.

What kind of members do you work with at GPTRACK50?

We have a small elite group of people who have rich game production experience and are responsible and active in their work.
The members came from a wide range of companies and projects, so just by interacting with them, you will be exposed to a variety of work styles and ways of thinking, which is very stimulating.
In addition, many of them value their families above all else, and I feel that they are considerate and understanding when it comes to working without overworking.

Do you have any messages for those who are thinking of joining GPTRACK50?

I would like to see people who have the passion and toughness to make the game interesting for the whole team.
After all, without proposals, discussions cannot arise, and I think it’s fun to think about how to create the game through discussions.
On top of that, I want people who can work not only for themselves, but also for the team and the users in mind.

About Koji Kakae

In his previous job, he was involved in a wide range of tasks including game design lead, management, and training of future generations for titles such as “Dino Crisis 2,” “Resident Evil Remake,” “Clock Tower 3,” “Resident Evil 4,” “Resident Evil 5” “Dragon’s Dogma,” “Dragon’s Dogma Online,” “Devil’s May Cry 5,” “Resident Evil 4 (2023)” and others.

At GPTRACK50, he is in charge of lead level design as a game designer.