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Eiichiro Sasaki, Director

—What are you currently working on at GPTRACK50?

I’m serving as the director for a brand-new IP project. 

I oversee the design of gameplay, world-building, and plot for the game. My role is like that of a captain—setting the direction we should be heading in (i.e. what kind of experiences and emotions we want to deliver to the players) and ensuring that the whole team reaches our goals. 

We’ve been given the rare opportunity to build something from scratch at a brand-new studio. We’re working very hard and having fun at the same time to create a great game. Instead of blindly following industry trends, we try to follow our hearts. 

—How do you feel about working at GPTRACK50?

I find joy in being able to focus solely on “making fun games.” 

Since the studio is new, we’ve had to take care of everything from setting up the office to selecting development gears. But all these tasks serve one purpose: to make great games. To achieve such goal, we are also swiftly adopting any good ideas for work environment, work style and workflow. We’re a small team, so we can make changes really fast. This gives us the energy to keep making our games and workspace better. Honestly, it feels great to be part of something with such great momentum. 

When it comes to our work environment, our president believes that “family comes first.” At GPTRACK50, we believe that good work can be done only when you and your family are doing well. I have kids, so my schedule can really change depending on school and vacations. Thankfully, our workplace is very flexible and allows me to change my hours and work from home if I need to, which helps me balance work and family life well.

Do you have a message for those who are considering joining GPTRACK50?

I believe that to create something great, you first have to enjoy the work. 

Everything is a new challenge at our young and energetic studio. The project we’re working on right now is very ambitious. Sure, there might be some struggles, but we think there’s a unique joy in starting from scratch, a joy that you can’t replace easily. 

Everyone at the studio seems to be genuinely enjoying this challenge. People from different areas of expertise gather to communicate and collaborate to tackle problems. There’s a sense of unity here that you can only find in a small studio like ours.

Wouldn’t you like to join us in this exciting challenge of creating the best game possible, something that only we can do here at GPTRACK50?

About Eiichiro Sasaki
Eiichiro Sasaki began his career as a designer for the arcade game “STAR GLADIATOR.” After working on multiple arcade games, he moved onto console game development. He has served as the director for games including “Resident Evil Outbreak,” “Treasure Island Z: Barbaros’ Hidden Treasure,” and “Resident Evil 6.” At GPTRACK50, he’s an all-rounder—doing whatever needs to be done, from directing game design to managing teams.